New technologies are changing the day-to-day workflows of legal professionals.  Mobile technologies, tablet devices, and constant connectivity are providing opportunities for improved legal research and efficiency enhancing tools.
Developed with the specific needs of legal professionals in mind, LexisNexis Canada brings you Lexis®Note, an application that provides access to your trusted LexisNexis looseleaf services digitally.  Designed with automatic updating for new content, advanced referencing capabilities and enhanced note taking functionality, this intelligent and convenient tool is compatible with your iPad or Windows laptop or PC.
Lexis®Note is the only app in the market that is optimized for digital looseleafs.  You can access your subscribed titles, anytime, anywhere and online or offline.  Simply download the application, login with your credentials and your titles will appear when published or updated.

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You can be confident your digital looseleaf services are always up-to-date.  Easy, one-click content updating lets you download the latest content updates as soon as you are online. No more filing updates!  Enhanced referencing capabilities let you link from anywhere in the table of contents, index, annotations and recent history, and page numbering matches the print version of each title so you can quickly navigate to a specific page.

Lexis®Note allows you to quickly and effortlessly add notes and annotations like you would in your printed copy.  They are automatically synced across all of your devices when you go online and maintained within the publication even after it has been updated.  You can also bookmark pages, search, highlight and copy and paste text, all from your iPad or Windows laptop or PC.  

Customize your digital looseleaf library the way you want.  Choose the services and updates you need most.   Your personal notes are maintained across looseleaf updates and sync between your compatible devices.  No more trips to the library; you can now view your personal copy on your own device anytime.

Effortlessly carry your digital looseleaf library with you from your office to your home or the courtroom, wherever you need it. 

Reliable & secure
Lexis®Note regularly updates content and saves your annotations to the Cloud providing you with the confidence that you have the most up-to-date legal information available.   No more worries if your binder has been updated!

24/7 offline access means you can view your digital looseleaf library wherever you are, without having to depend on an internet connection to carry out your legal research.  No more searching for internet access!

Q.  What is Lexis®Note?
Designed for lawyers, the Lexis Note app provides legal professionals access to their looseleafs on an iPad, laptop or PC. With automatic updating of new content as well as advanced referencing and highlighting tools, the titles legal professionals trust and rely on will be at their fingertips when and where they need it most. Simply download and install the free app from this webpage.

The next step is to login to the app using the username and password you’ve received from LexisNexis Customer Support. You’ll only have to login to the app once – unless you receive a content update. Once you have downloaded Lexis Note you can then start downloading Lexis Note eLooseleafs onto your iPad or PC. You can then access your Lexis Note eLooseleaf library whenever you want without the need for internet connection. You can purchase Lexis Note eLooseleafs directly through your LexisNexis Account Manager or Customer Service by calling 1-800-668-6481.

Q.  What’s the difference between Lexis Note and a standard, commercial eReader?
The Lexis Note app has been customised for the legal market to enable auto-updating of content, persistent annotations and improved navigational functionality – an enhanced user experience.

Q.  What information can I get on Lexis Note?
A wide range of popular LexisNexis looseleafs. See the full list of titles available under the “Available titles” tab.

Q.  How will Lexis Note help you?
Lexis Note’s improved navigational functionality enables you to quickly get to the content you need, with dynamic Table of Contents, pagination matching the printed version (and ability to jump to a specific page in the print copy), hyperlinked index and recent history results making navigating content quicker and easier. You can highlight, copy, annotate and bookmark pages just as you would your print copy. These annotations will be automatically transferred to the new edition once it publishes. Plus, all updates will be sent to you automatically.

Q.  How do I use the Lexis Note app?
Please see the introductory guides and more detailed guidance under Help/? in the Lexis Note app itself.

Q.  Is the Lexis Note app free?
Yes. However, you do need to purchase the looseleaf content from LexisNexis and in order to access this content you are required to register all entitled users with us.

Q.  Will I need an internet connection?
You need internet access to install and register the Lexis Note app and download your Lexis Note eLooseleaf but after that you can use your Lexis Note eLooseleaf wherever you like with no need for an internet connection.

Q.  How can I remove a Lexis Note eLooseleaf from my device?
If you tap the information icon there is an option to remove the publication from your device.

Q.  What devices is Lexis Note compatible with?
Lexis Note is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPad 2 or later
  • iOS 6.0 and above (with support of HTML 5)
  • Windows PCs
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or greater

Q.  Can I access Lexis Note on my smartphone?
No. Lexis Note is only available on iPad, Windows desktop and laptop (as above).

Q.  Can I access my Lexis Note eLooseleaf on a different eReader device like Kindle?
No. Lexis Note titles are only accessible from the Lexis Note app installed on an iPad or PC.

Q.  How many devices can I access Lexis Note on?
You may register Lexis Note on a maximum of 2 devices.

Q.  Do I have to be a customer of LexisNexis to access Lexis Note?
No, the app is free download. But, you do need to be a customer of LexisNexis to access the content which needs to be purchased from LexisNexis.

Q.  How will I be able to purchase Lexis Note eLooseleafs?
You can buy Lexis Note eLooseleafs through your Account Manager and our Customer Service team. Call 1-800-668-6481 or email Customer Service.

Q.  How do I obtain my ID and password information?
Your username and password is created by Customer Service.  Note: You can change your password to something more memorable through the app.

Q.  How will Lexis Note eLooseleafs be delivered?
Lexis Note eLooseleafs will be delivered direct to your Lexis Note bookshelf.

Q.  I’ve downloaded the app from the Apple iTunes store but I don't see the icon on my iPad.
If you have followed the download instructions, but still don't see the app icon on your iPad, it could be because you downloaded the app using your desktop iTunes application. To see the icon on your iPad, you need to connect your iPad device to your desktop computer and synchronise your data using the iTunes application on your desktop.

Q.  I received my Welcome Email with my registration details. How do I access my Lexis Note eLooseleafs?
You need to enter you username and password to login to the app.

Q.  I don't see the title I purchased in my Lexis Note library. What can I do?
Once you have logged in to the Lexis Note app your library will automatically sync when you connect to the internet. If you still don't see your title, please try refreshing your library using the “Refresh your library” icon. If your title still doesn’t appear, please contact our Customer Service team.

Q.  What if I lose my iPad or laptop?
Your Lexis Note eLooseleafs are securely stored on our server. When you replace your device simply download the free Lexis Note app and all your Lexis Note eLooseleafs and notes will be restored.

Q.  How long does it take for each Lexis Note eLooseleaf to download?
The time it takes for a Lexis Note eLooseleaf to download depends both on your internet connectivity and the file size of the document.

Q.  I’m getting the error message “download expired” during a download. What does this mean?
This can often mean the server has temporarily timed out. If you try and download again the download should work. If not, please contact the Customer Service.

Q.  How will I receive updates to my Lexis Note eBook?
The Lexis Note app checks for updates whenever it is connected to the internet and they are pushed out to you for downloading. You can download the updated content whenever you choose once connected to the internet.

Q.  I have already purchased a print copy. Can I get the Lexis Note version too?
Customers who have bought a print looseleaf can buy the Lexis Note version for 75% off. Call Customer Service at 1-800-668-6481 and we will be happy to help.

Q.  Is there a difference in price between the print copy and the Lexis Note version?
The price of each publication in Lexis Note is the same as the paper product, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of Lexis Note at no extra cost and saving you postage and packing costs.

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