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Capital Markets and M&A Module

The Capital Markets and M&A Module has been developed with leading experts to keep you up-to-date on regulatory and market developments and to ensure you have the resources and tools needed to deliver efficient and effective services to clients.

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Content you get

Specialized Content

  • Transactions Search powered by Intelligize®
  • Interactive Toolkits
  • International content
  • Deal Comparators covering transactions

Featured Topics

  • Private Placements
  • IPOs
  • Corporate Governance
  • Public Company Reporting
  • M&A Agreements
  • Public M&A
  • Private M&A
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Registration and Investment Management

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Transactions Search powered by Intelligize®

Transactions Search is an innovative, market leading analytics solution that provides the ability to efficiently mine data and insights from securities filings, M&A contracts and other agreements. This tool will help you drive informed decisions, understand market standards, and to draft many types of agreements based on precedent and best practices.

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