Le Code criminel et lois connexes annotés is renewed!

The CAIJ and LexisNexis join forces to offer you more!

The CAIJ and LexisNexis have joined forces to provide the legal community with exclusive content. Our partnership has led to the development of a mobile application on which you can find the annotated Code criminel et lois connexes annotés. With this new format, you can access the content of this publication wherever you are, simply with your cell phone. Searching by keyword or section number in the Code criminel et lois connexes annotés has never been easier.

LexisNexis, a provider of research, practice management and legal information solutions, is pleased to participate in the accessibility of legal information as evidenced by this collaborative approach. LexisNexis is always on the lookout to participate in innovative projects that provide access to legal information while being a partner in the practice of law. Indeed, this way of working together is born from a shared desire to invent the future and to offer you an innovative solution.

Designed to facilitate your research, save you time and inform you of the current state of the law, the Dubois & Schneider Criminal Code has been the leading work on criminal law in Quebec for 40 years. This code is intended for all professionals who want reliable, practical and up-to-date information. Written by two renowned criminal lawyers, this essential work in the field gives you access to all the expertise of these seasoned authors.

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