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CaseMap now on the Cloud!

Pulling together litigation evidence in a single place has never been so easy! With CaseMap Cloud, you can see your entire case file with a wide lens, then identify and zoom in on complex fact patterns, so you can better evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case when considering settlement or trial. Lawyers always tell us they love CaseMap for its structure and insights. Now that the platform is cloud-based, you don't have to worry about data availability, infrastructure or security. You can quickly review your critical case documents from anywhere at any time - and collaborate with your team - with all your data backed up in the cloud.

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All Inclusive Packages to Give You More Resources

New bundled packages have been introduced for mid-sized firms. We are now offering firms your size the level of content and product at a price point previously only available to large law firms. Area of practice Collections in Lexis Advance Quicklaw, modules of Practical Guidance, Pleading Motions and Facta, legal news, and other products are now available to bundle within your existing subscription for comparable price points to what you are paying today. Let us help you make the most of your subscription with online resources all in one place. Connect with us to find out more!

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Product Updates

New Enhanced Smart Forms - Practical Guidance

With New Enhancements, the Lexis Automated Templates tool guides you through the document creation process to help you generate first drafts quickly and with confidence. Watch the video below to learn more!

New Legal Topics Search Filters in Lexis Advance Quicklaw

You will now find new legal topics search filters in Lexis Advance Quicklaw. We update our classification on an ongoing basis to ensure it reflects recent legal developments, legislative changes, and emerging topics, and to add granularity to important areas. Our most recently released new legal topics cover concepts such as social media, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, hate propaganda, medical assistance in dying, and cannabis. Keep in mind we continually improve the indexing rules behind our legal topics to ensure optimal accuracy of search results.

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Context - Court & Judge Analytics

The latest legal technology development from LexisNexis, Context helps litigators navigate the risk of not knowing how a motion will be ruled on, or the outcome of oral arguments. This new legal analytics tech does something no other analytics product does in Canada: it analyzes the language of specific judges’ opinions to identify the cases and arguments each judge finds persuasive.

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Tips & Tricks

Have you used Lexis Advance Quicklaw’s copy citation feature?

Establish credibility in court by a quick click of a button on the platform. Lexis Advance Quicklaw gives you the option to copy the citation to your brief or submission with a passage, link to the full case and with parallel citations in McGill format. Let this feature do all the work for you and allow for easy access and tracking of your referenced case.

As you may already know, Lexis Advance Quicklaw is the only platform to offer parallel citations!


Check out Canadian Legislative Pulse!

Are you tracking legislation for your clients? Well it's probably taking you longer than it needs to! Check out Canadian Legislative Pulse. This one of a kind automated legislation tracking tool will help you support your client's business.

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Interesting Reads

Explore Litigation from Trusted Legal Experts

These are some of the interesting Litigation titles we carry in our LexisNexis Bookstore if you are interested in taking a deeper dive with trusted insight and expert analysis.

The Doctrine of Res Judicata in Canada, 5th Edition | This book provides a comprehensive distillation of the res judicata doctrine that has evolved in 200 years of Canadian jurisprudence.

Canadian Animal Law | This book provides commentary and analysis of the main issues in animal law, with a focus on how it intersects with more mainstream practice areas, including family law, criminal law, wills and estates, environmental law and professional liability.

Sopinka on the Trial of an Action, 4th Edition | First published in 1981, this classic manual offers invaluable insight into trial techniques from the perspective of The Late Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka who was one of the nation's leading litigators before his appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Personal Injury Damages, 2001-2021 Cumulative Edition (2 Volumes) Personal Injury Damages will provide you with current information you need in one convenient and portable reference guide. This special 2-Volume, 2001-2021 Cumulative Edition includes all cases reported from January 2000 through December 2020, and will serve as your primary point of reference in researching personal injury damages.


Masterclass Panel Discussion Series

A masterclass series you can't miss!

LexisNexis Canada has launched a new masterclass panel discussions series - Tech & Litigation: Shifting Paradigms. Watch this month’s expert panel as they discuss how technology has transformed the work of in-house departments and external counsel in Canada. On the panel:

  • Melissa LaFlair - Director, Legal Operations at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) 
  • Dana Zuech - AVP, Legal Operations at Sun Life 
  • Robert Ambrogi - Journalist, Lawyer & Mediator;  (Lawsites,  AbovetheLaw) 
  • Shaya Silber - Pricing Counsel, Legal Innovator at Blakes


The masterclass panel discussions series continues!

Join us for our next class on December 1st when we will discuss how Technology is driving change in Canadian court systems.

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