Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Update
April 2020

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Source Information Added to New Pathflows

Users interested in learning the scope of information included in a particular source will now have an easier time doing so with the introduction of source information in new pathflows including: autosuggest (aka wordwheel), and the Table of Contents and Get Documents when a particular source such as the Health Law Journal is accessed through the autosuggest.

New Archived Sources Symbol

Users will now have an easier time identifying what content is no longer updated with the introduction of a new symbol for archived sources. 

Natural Language Algorithm Enhancement – Cases

We have introduced an enhancement to our natural language algorithm for cases that improves the handling of complex natural language searches including long multi-word natural language queries and multi-concept queries such as:

  • private cause of action right to privacy employer and
  • What statute requires a power of attorney to be recorded conveyances act.

 Users will notice an improvement in the relevance of the cases retrieved.

Legislation Search Support for Abbreviations

You can now search for legislation using abbreviations for section or rule. You will no longer be required to enter “section” or “rule” in full in order to retrieve accurate results and can now utilize “r. 1.01”, “r1.01” to conduct your searches.

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